Our Presidency

The Presidency is the handling body of the Association. The schedule of the meetings is in accordance with the Work Plan, the meetings accur at least once every 3 months. As addressed by the decisions of the Assembly the Presidency ensures that the objectives and the tasks laid down in the Articles of Association are being enforced.


  1. President József Osztrogonácz
  2. Vice-President Arnold Barics
  3. Regional President of Baranya county: János Gugán
  4. Regional President of Bács-Kiskun county: Józsefné Markovics
  5. Regional President of the Dráva area: József Szolga
  6. Regional President of Gradistye: Edit Paukovitsné Horváth
  7. Regional President of Pest county and Budapest: Éva Ispánovity
  8. Regional President of Zala county: László Gulyás

The Presidency of the Association of the Croatian Nationality in Hungary

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Annual report

May 25, 2019

The Assembly of 2019 of the Association of the Croatian Nationality in Hungary took place Tótszerdahely. The event went according to the agenda, you will find the report below.



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Any person or organisation with its registered office in Hungary who adopts the Articles of Association and requests his/her inclusion to the Association can become a member. Filling in the Application form and the approving decision of the Presidency establishes the membership.

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If you agree with our goals and you would like to support our work, please dispose of 1% of your taxes for the benfit of the Association of the Croatian Nationality in Hungary. Below, you can find and download the statment regarding this matter. Please attach this to the declaration of your taxes.
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Márkó-day in Bajaszentistván

May 10, 2014

At the Márkó-day event of the Croatians of Bajaszentistván we could witness the local traditional kindergarden-, school- and pensioner-group’s performances. Also, the Bajai Tamburazenekar and the Tanac dance group from Pécs showed us a fantastic show. After wine started ...


Croatian cultural and gastronomic day in Baja

May 11, 2013

Local traditional groups, the dance group from Kökény and a Swiss amateur Croatian dance group performed on the open stage. The representatives of the regions had the opportunity to present their cooking skills: they cooked one of their ...


Croatian nationality day in Bajaszentistván

December 7, 2012

The school of Szentistván - Szentistváni Általános Művelődési Központ – organised a competition for its 117 students studying croatian. The student groups were tested with playful language tasks suitable for their level in Croatian. While the jury ...


The 20th anniversary of the Association of the Croatian Nationality in Hungary held in Baja

Our festive assembly took place in the assembly hall of the City Hall of Baja. Our guests included Zoltán Dr. Révfy, mayor of the city Baja and Róbert Zsigó, member of the Parliament. Prior to the conference a section sitting ...